Life is rich with milestones and transitions

When we are young everyday is full of adventure and opportunities for growth. Our achievements no matter how great or small they may seem were celebrated by those around us like some tremendous feat. Life was exciting and full of possibility! As we get older we tend to neglect celebrations of life’s rites of passage. We slip into some perpetual march to the weekend or worse, to the grave. We tend to believe there is nothing left to celebrate or that there is nothing new under the sun.

I am here to challenge that false belief and encourage you to honor each step of your unique and wonderous journey. Each day is full of possibility or the potential to reinvent ourselves by trying something new, shifting our perspective or taking the first step into a new way of being. How many of us concoct a new years resolution only to fail after a few short weeks? What is missing?

Rite of passage ceremonies have vanished

staring at phoneIn modern society we have forgotten the value of ceremony and celebration to propel us forward with the confidence and tenacity we need to succeed. Pageantry is all but lost to us aside from the major milestones recognized by the mainstream and Hallmark.

Sure we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, but what about other important achievements? At best we call a friend and gush about how proud we are only to get one up by their latest act of charity or crisis they have recently overcome. At worst we triumphantly post our story on social media and receive the dreaded single “care” emoji!

Ceremony was an important way to mark the passage of cycles and seasons in our lives not that long ago. It was a time to honor where we have come from and where we are going. It marked who we were and who we are becoming.

Ceremony helps us to move forward on our journey

Ceremony gives us time to reflect on all the challenges, lessons and cherished moments that lead up to this pivotal moment in our lives. When we are faced with great change it is incredibly beneficial to participate in a transition ceremony. Even something simple can have a profound effect on the results we achieve and the ease with which we move towards our new experiences.

Ingredients for a successful ceremony

This may sound over-simplistic, but every ceremony needs a beginning, middle and ending. A strong beginning could be a prayer, the lighting of a candle or stating of an affirmation or intention for your ceremony. The middle should include reflecting on what has brought you to this moment, including past momentum you can carry forward or the perceived “failures” or difficulties you wish to put behind you.

Note: failures are only failures if you have not evaluated them for the magnificent lessons life gifted you.

A powerful ending could be proclaiming that you are moving forward into your new circumstances, the new path that lies before you or giving thanks to the opportunity you have seized. You may wish to take a step forward to symbolize moving forward, blowing out the candle or washing your hands to the old etc.

The more senses you can engage during your ceremony the more impact it will have on you. Integrating smells such as burning fragrant herbs, visuals such as special alter items, Sounds of soft music or chimes and physical sensations like taking a step have a way of really making an impression on the subconscious.

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