Maintaining balance through the gift of giving and receiving

holding a seedling

When we think of giving and receiving we often think of objects wrapped in pretty packages and topped with colorful bows. We love to surprise our loved ones with little tokens of appreciation, love and admiration. However it is the non-tangible gifts that often mean the most. The gift of a helping hand, our time, a kind word or simply lending a shoulder to cry on are all beautiful gifts we can bestow upon one another. It feels good to give these gifts and we do it out of love and caring. There are many people in this world that give for the sake of giving, wishing for nothing in return. We consider ourselves “givers”.

One of the most difficult lessons for “givers” is learning how to receive. We must consider how wonderful it feels to give and to allow others to feel that same joy. Relationships can become out of balance when we feel the need to constantly give without allowing for others to experience that for themselves. We mistakenly think that a gift is too much trouble or would take too much effort etc. Maybe we feel that we are unworthy of such generosity. However you wish to justify it, the bottom line is it is selfish of us to deny someone this beautiful energetic exchange.

Receiving and giving up control

When I take the time to write I often get hit along side the head with truths I need to face in my own life. This post is no different. Spirit has shown me that when I don’t allow others to give, I am attempting to control the relationship and the flow of energy. I don’t like surprises and I most certainly don’t like giving up control to others, I am an independent woman after all. When I was younger I felt like a victim of circumstances and swore I would never allow myself to be that vulnerable again. What I have learned over the years is that vulnerability is not weakness, it is actually strength. It takes strength to drop our barriers and allow ourselves to feel and experience all that life has to offer us.

Once I allowed myself to receive help, dinner invitations, compliments, etc., it really shifted something within me. If you consider yourself a “giver” you owe it to yourself to take a deeper look at your inner landscape. Are you allowing others to give to you? Are you afraid or feel unworthy to receive? There is beauty in all things and this lesson, though hard, is no exception.