Energy Vampires are not what they seem

alone in a room

We have all fallen victim to the occasional energy vampire who seems to effortlessly drain us of every last drop of ambition, joy, or well-being. Generally this interaction causes us to retreat from society to recharge our batteries and get our heads right. We vow to avoid them at all cost or at least put some distance between us for awhile.

What we fail to understand is that most perpetrators are completely oblivious to this phenomena and have no clue how to make it stop. As an energy healer I have learned that there is infinite energy available to us all. It flows freely with no thought or effort, right? Well that is where things can get complicated.

Some people tend to harbor deeply rooted beliefs that they are somehow unworthy of this beautiful abundant wellspring of energy. This may be due to trauma, insecurity or other unfortunate circumstance and typically it is hidden deep within their subconscious. Often they project an aura of superiority, victimhood or other misleading characteristics to mask what is truly going on under the surface.

They have effectively allowed their false belief to cut them off from this beautiful abundance of love and light causing them to seek alternative sources of energy. Since energy flows where attention goes, If they can capture an audience, they can tap into this alternate energy source. It is natural for us to rebuke such behavior and label them as narcissists, drama queens, or the newly popularized “Karen”. We must protect ourselves from these vicious cannibals at all cost after all!

How to help an unwitting Energy Vampire

The best thing you can do to help is to hold them capable. Remind them of past achievements where they survived, succeeded, or stood on their own. Let them know that you are here for them, but you can’t walk their walk or carry their burdens. Make it clear that you can “hold space for them”, but that they are bigger than their problems, better than this unwanted behavior (whatever it may be), and worthy of their hopes and dreams.

When you can shift the conversation / attention away from them and their ego, self deprecation or injustices you will notice a tangible shift in the flow of energy. If they continue to trample on your boundaries, be firm but loving with them. Let them know you are there to share experiences, joy and love. Let them know that time is precious to you and you value the time you have to share with them. “Let’s not waste it focusing on [fill in the blank].”

It is difficult to set boundaries when you have set a precedence to the contrary. Be persistent, firm, but loving. If the relationship is worth salvaging you will find a way to break the cycle. Obviously this approach isn’t “one-size fits all”. Mental illness is real, and should be handled with appropriate professional care. Additionally there are some that will not respond well to these methods. Listen to your instincts. You, and you alone can decide whether a relationship is worth the effort or you should walk away.