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Partnerships for a better tomorrow

No one has all the answers in this uncertain world we call home. That is why it is imperative for us to grow a community of dedicated professionals we can turn to for much needed guidance and support.

Awakening Your Mastery is here to facilitate those healthy connections; to lift each of us up and strengthen our commitment to helping others to grow and succeed in all aspects of life.


AYM Guiding Principles

We wholeheartedly believe each individual has an innate capacity to learn, grow, and ultimately create the life they desire.

We are dedicated to the compassionate use of our unique skills and experience to promote personal empowerment rather than dependencies upon us.

We acknowledge that each individual has their own personal learning and healing preferences; that their journey is progressing as it should and that we must support them with our very highest and best selves.

As healing facilitators, practitioners, and educators we honor the sacredness of our relationships with our clients and students and are committed to holding our focus on their ‘master within’.

As professionals we agree to collaborate with other holistic professionals in the community to avoid the counterproductive desire to compete.