Smoke Cleansing from a spiritual perspective

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About Course

In this course you will gain a deeper understanding of the history of smoke cleansing and how to successfully integrate it into a beneficial spiritual practice.


People of every walk of life are turning to smoke cleansing for its purported health benefits and use in spiritual practice. The internet is ripe with smudging “how-to” posts and videos to get people started. “Smudge” is the common term for Smoke Cleansing most frequently associated with Native American or Indigenous peoples, but it can be traced to many cultures over millennia.

It is important to practice a certain level of respect and sensitivity when engaging in activities that other cultures revere as sacred. It is our desire to educate the layman on the ceremonial use of herbs and guide them towards the development of a spiritual practice that does not intentionally infringe upon other cultures.

What Will I Learn?

  • History of smoke cleansing
  • Introduction to ceremony
  • Basic understanding of Animism
  • Introduction to plant medicine
  • Setting proper intentions
  • Introduction to Medicine Tools
  • Creating your own ceremony

Topics for this course

19 Lessons


Getting Started

History of Smoke Cleansing

Honoring the Spirit of Plants

Benefits of Smoke Cleansing

Why Smoke Cleanse?

Common Materials

Smoke Cleansing Ceremonies

Next Steps

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burning palo santo


  • Matches
  • Fire proof container
  • Dried plant materials / herbs
  • Feather or fan (hand works as well)

Target Audience

  • Seekers of deeper understanding